What is Laura's Playlists?

Nothing beats the feeling of finding a new artist. I can say personally I crave that feeling more than anything in the world. Once I was able to have access to streaming I constantly looked for different ways to expand my music taste.

My first step outside mainstream music started with a band called the 1975. I was always a kid who went to whatever others were listening to. My friend referred me to this band who had a couple of songs out at the time. That was when Chocolate graced my life.

From that point I was dragging into the world of alternative and indie rock music. Then to indie pop, hyper pop, rnb, and even more. I was overflowing with new music and a passion to share it with others. I started by making playlists monthly and sharing it with friends. From then I would search through different artists for new songs as well as finding cool people with great playlists.

COVID was the point where I decided to share my playlists with more people than my close friends. Those accounts are laurasplaylists on Instagram and TikTok. I was able to meet so many cool artists and other curators while staying inside. My love for music continued to grow and I wanted to expand my passion even more. That is when I created the indie underground.

The indie underground was my project where I look for artists under one million streams to promote. I think it is hard for some smaller artists to receive press and support on their new songs especially without being signed. I wanted to create this blog to continue my love for journalism and support of my underground indie artists.

Overall, I am so thankful to be able to share my favorite artists and playlists! Make sure to check out my Spotify for access to mood, genre, and themed playlists.

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