The Indie Underground: URL and not the one on your webpage

URL, aka your favorite sadboi, is at the top of the Indie Underground. I was able to find URL from their song honey. The song honey especially the snippet at the beginning reflects such a unique vibe. The almost disco 70s vibe represents URL very much.

Some of my favorite songs include honey and woozy and lovesick. With that being said URL plans to release more music in the upcoming months possibly including an album.

URL recommends these artists to check out on the Indie Underground:

  1. Lomeli - I met Isaac on my last trip to Los Angeles and was just blown away with his music. It’s fresh and transports you to a different realm without you even realizing it.

  2. Tae - All around amazing musician and writer. Their writing skills are top-notch and each release just keeps upping the bar.

  3. Cathedral Bells - Matt and Aaron make this dreamy world that marries My Bloody Valentine and Beach Fossils. I’ve been a fan since before we became friends.

  4. CD Ghost - Super catchy dream goth with syrupy synths that reel you in. They’ve nailed their sound down. Check out Wisteria as well.

  5. Cruza - Cruza should be a household name. On a different wave - I can’t get enough.

  6. Sweet and Lonely - They write these great tracks, that make you feel like you in the ’70s, but with a modern songwriting approach. It’s very unique and catchy.

  7. JW Francis - Don’t know JW Francis too well, but there’s this superpower in the songwriting that just hits you in all of the feels.

Make sure to check out the interview and URL on the indie underground.

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