The Indie Underground Features Worry Club

Updated: Jun 1

Who is Worry Club?

Worry Club, aka Chase, is an indie rock/pop artist making music from his bedroom. From his debut release in January 2020, he has gone on to release several well-received singles.

My favorite hit single, Japanese, stood out because it married an indie-pop mix with a super dope beat. The style could be compared to hyper pop and indie rock, among other styles.

Since then, Worry Club has released several songs recently, including Bleach and Vince Vaughn. Vince Vaughn was featured on a variety of Spotify and large curator playlists and continues to bless ears. This band continues to produce songs that sound different and provide a variety of sounds.

New Music and Plans

In the coming months, Chase and Worry Club will perform across the Midwest and Eastern United States. As soon as tickets become available, a link will be provided here and on the @worryclub Instagram account.

Questions from Interview

Chase's dream performance venue would be the Chicago House of Blues. Considering the intimacy of the venue, it makes for an excellent acoustic experience. In addition, it has an impressive appearance. Discover more when you watch the video!

Connect to Spotify

Thank you for watching and reading Worry Clubs' indie underground interview! Make sure to check them out on my indie underground playlist.

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