The Indie Underground Features Drod

Updated: Jun 1

DROD for indie underground

The New Jersey-born, North Carolina-native recording artist Drod (pronounced dee-rod) grew up with a passion for music and a unique personality that give him appeal. Originally making remixes of hit songs and dropping them on soundcloud, Drod has evolved his sound into a happy lofi pop style. Drawing heavily from bedroom pop and indie pop, Drod has experimented with many new sounds.

Drod is also mostly known for his song with fellow recording artist Felix Wood, a better day. Recently, the song reached over one million listens. This is because of the massive explosion of non-DMCA music on twitch. A jazzy and lo-fi sound seems like the perfect background music for streamers.

Generally, Drod is the perfect music to lift your mood and get you through your study session. Among his many quirks is his love of boneless teriyaki chicken wings with extra ranch, which he will eat any time of day, even for breakfast. Watch this interview to learn more about him:

Drod is featured at the top of the indie underground playlist. Make sure to check out his new EP BIG SMILES OVER HERE!

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