I’m sure we are all familiar with that girl. You know, the girl who wakes up at 7am every day, starts her morning off with a green juice, a 12-step face care routine, and yoga. The girl who continues her day with journaling, meditation, making healthy meals, all the while wearing claw clips in her hair and donning a chic, monochrome workout set.

The aesthetic of this girl became a lifestyle that most girls aspired to have. However, in the case of Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Emei, she seems to be quite okay with not subscribing to being that girl. Emei’s latest single, “That Girl,” is an angsty and energetic anti-That Girl anthem. She craftily juxtaposes the seemingly unattainable lifestyle of That Girl, “Drinks coffee black, and she leaves her phone at home / Reading poetry on the coast / Finding inner peace,” to her own daily life, “I wake up, grab my phone, it’s 2pm / Shit, I missed my alarm again / Mascara stains on my pillow / Yesterday’s styrofoam as my coffee cup / People texting me “Are you up?””

Emei’s snarky yet playful lyricism stacked on top of rowdy, rock inspired instrumentation intertwined to highlight how unrealistic it actually is to be “That Girl.” This lifestyle prioritizes being healthy and motivated, but it only highlights the positives, and does not seem to take mental illness or finances into account. Emei’s single chronicles her struggle to have this kind of lifestyle, only to reveal that her experience is far more relatable.

This song is not one to miss, and is definitely most suitable for listening at max volume. I highly recommend you all take a listen ASAP, and you can also check out here lyric video here:

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