Rachel Bochner, breakout TikTok star, releases ghosted my therapist

Updated: Jun 1

Rachel Bochner is an NYC-based artist. Her career in the music industry began with an A&R internship at a record label, and it was there that she realized her true passion for creating and sharing her own music. While her musical influences span the likes of Lana Del Rey, Maggie Rogers, Julia Michaels, and Lorde, Rachel is paving her way and defining her own unique sound. Her passion lies in making pop music that resonates with people through the good, the bad, the lighthearted, and the heavy.

Rachel Bochner finds success promoting her music on TikTok. A well-coveted platform, TikTok provides the opportunity for artists to promote their music to potential fans. As many artists know it can be difficult to promote music to the right audience. With the introduction of music tok, artists are able to build a new audience through relatable songs. This became successful for Rachel with her song, ghosted my therapist. The song talks about her real-life experience ghosting her therapist. Learn more about her experience music below!

Make sure to check Rachel out at the top of the indie underground on Laura's Playlists!

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