New This Week: Del Water Gap and Sam Fender Album Releases

Many of you already know that Friday is my favorite day of the week mainly because of the new music. It's not unusual for me to stay up until 11 pm CT just to listen to it. But sometimes I do fall asleep and end up listening in the morning. Nevertheless, I enjoy checking out new drops from new artists and some of the upcoming artists I've been waiting for.

Here are some of this week's new albums, singles, and news:


Self Titled Album: Del Water Gap

Seventeen Going Under: Sam Fender

Friends That Break Your Heart: James Blake

A Pillar of Salt: Noah Gunderson


then i'll be happy: glaive, eric doa


So Done: Joan

Working for the Knife: Mitski

argyle: brakence


Chapstick: COIN


  • Adele is back? With the number 30 appearing in a varied amount of locations around the world, does this mean a new album? The past two Adele albums have been titled to match her age at the time of production. I am eager to find out more and hopefully get a single very soon.

  • Mitski releases her first single since her successful album "Be the Cowboy". The single is the perfect somber song to play. Most are craving a good sad song to listen to and Mitski provides.

My favorites can always be found on Laura's Recent Finds! The Album Reviews will also appear under the artist once available!

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