New This Week: Adele Come Back, Coldplay Album and more

Updated: Jun 1

The number of albums that have come out this week may keep me busy until next month. Cannot wait to tackle all of these different genres.

Here are some of this week's new albums, singles, and news:


Music of the Spheres: Coldplay

to hell with it: PinkPantherss

Pebble Brain: Lovejoy


When I Close My Eyes: Chelsea Cutler

Puppies Forever: BLACKSTARKIDS

Juno: Remi Wolf


Girlfriend: THE DRIVER ERA

Sunflower: Live at Thirdman Records: Briston Maroney

Optimist: FINNEAS


when things were fine: Zac Greer


Fancy: Lennon Stella

Ready for the High: Wombats

Ben Franklin: Snail Mail

n20: aldn

Easy on Me: Adele

spinnin: mazie

scared of everything: Zeph

Maybe: Christian Leave

Sad Song: GRACEY

Bitches In The Bathroom: Charlie Houston

Where Can I Find These Tracks?

My favorites can always be found on Laura's Recent Finds! The Album Reviews will also appear under the artist once available!

Indie Underground New Release Spotlight

Daniel Etherton

Daniel released two tracks that evolved from something really sad happening in his life. Last April his Grandad passed away.

Daniel was asked to write the eulogy and read it at the funeral, he decided to focus on the ‘good’ in goodbye. With restrictions at the time, it was harder to give him a proper send-off. Daniel bottled up a lot on that day to get through my part and have mixed feelings about it but made ‘Good In Goodbye’ as a coping mechanism.

‘Sand’ came about earlier this year - a year passed, Daniel's grandma living without her soulmate and his mum and uncle without their Dad. Based on the idiom; sands of time. The concept is connected to popular memento mori paintings and the inevitability of death. Daniel believes that we can't hold back time but can live life with love lost, although never forgotten.

This is why Daniel decided to have a double A-side for the release. It’s two parts to one story.

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