A1234 + The Indie Underground

The name A1234 came from the count-in. The thing that starts off any live show, any recording session, any orchestral show, any musical moment you’ve experienced, they all started out with A1234.

That is what A1234 wants to do.

Jakk and his team continue to share brilliant music that lead to moments with the listeners, no matter the genre, how big the following is or how high quality the set up is. It's all about the feeling you get when you experience it for the first time. That is what A1234 is all about.

Through our collaboration, we aim to share even more indie artists' music with the world. Jakk added 20 of his favorite underground artists to my indie underground playlist. In turn, I have added 20 of my favorite indie artists to Jakk's discovery playlist. I highly recommend checking out the playlists for some really interesting indie artists.

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