a kid named rufus breaks through the indie scene with his new ep Graduation

Updated: Jun 1

Underground indie-pop star a kid named rufus releases his debut album "graduation." Through the project, he reflects directly on challenges he faced during the pandemic, such as depression, the passion of his grandpa, and living in the United States while attending college.

Throughout the EP, six songs emphasize the fragility of growing up. The song "everybody's fine but me" is an example of expectations placed on the artist that everyone else seems to accept. The music in this track resonates with me because I relate to being anxious that no one understands what you're going through.

Rufus draws a lot of inspiration from artists such as Alexander 23, Dayglow, and Role Model. A soft pop style combined with melodic tones creates an immensely relatable track. This type of song seems to appeal to young students who want something to listen to while studying or driving with friends.

Rufus's "graduation" is currently on several top playlists and continues to gain traction as a breakthrough indie artist. I can hardly wait to see him continue to grow. Make sure to check out the interview below to learn more about rufus:

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