About Laura

Hi! My name is Laura and I am a playlist curator, looking to be further involved in the music industry. I am currently a senior strategic new media marketing major. I am 21 years old and love to discover new music, run, and do adventurous things (skydive and more :). I started laurasplaylists during COVID and was so overwhelmed by the warm welcomes from the music community. Now my concert addiction is being fulfilled through seeing new indie artists and wearing artist merch everyday. 

I also want to hear more from the indie music scene. I am always looking for a cool new artist that adds something different to their music. 

I offer a wide variety of services including playlist exploration for artists, marketing services/promotions for songs and albums, and additional music help. Check out the contact tab more business inquiries. 


Where do I submit my music?

I currently do most of my submissions through playlist push. If you would like to join click here. Otherwise, I sometimes listen to some on the side through a Spotify collaborative link here.

How can I make it on your playlists?

Check the above question and contact information tab to see different ways you could appear on my playlists.

Do you accept press info?

I do accept press information and would love to cover different artists songs! For any business inquiries check out the contact tab.